Online Coronavirus Training

For business customers and the public

Do you want to explain to your employees why and how to protect themselves and people around them against the spread of coronavirus?

Hopefully, the peak of the coronavirus epidemic will soon be over. However, preventive measures will be necessary until a vaccine or medicine is available. The information presented in the media is often manipulated. Therefore, we have created this online COVID course in which we summarise the essential facts and measures that everyone should know.

In this training on covid , you will learn, among other things:

  • What is coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and COVID 19
  • How coronavirus is transmitted between humans
  • The most common symptoms, asymptomatic form
  • Clinical course of the COVID-19 disease
  • Risk groups
  • Coronavirus spread rate
  • Why we are trying to slow the spread of coronavirus
  • Risk of overloaded health system
  • Prevention: physical distancing, recommended measures
  • Prevention: personal hygiene and considerate approach, recommended measures
  • Summary of main ideas
  • Quiz

Take a look at the selected COVID training pages:

This coronavirus training supports SCORM standard. We may change the content as necessary or add your internal measures.

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