SimpleJohn APP

Tool for Creating and Managing Video Instructions


Speed up the onboarding of new employees


Text-based instructions do not work

Employees mostly ignore text/picture-based printed SOPs. They are lengthy, complicated, make it difficult to quickly search for specific information, and are hard to keep up to date.

Companies risk losing know-how

The knowledge of company specialists is not collected anywhere. If an employee retires or leaves for another company, they take their knowledge with them and you lose access to it.

Traditional methods of knowledge transfer are inefficient

Company specialists are overburdened since they are constantly approached by their colleagues for advice. This means the most experienced workers cannot focus on their work. In addition, less experienced colleagues have to constantly wait for assistance. All of these issues cause major inefficiencies.


We help solve all these problems. Digitise manuals with us using video!


Jednoduchost a úspora času

Simplicity and Time Saving

SimpleJohn APP allows for the quick and simple creation and management of video tutorials. Forget video editing. Simply sort individual clips into work steps that you can complement with photos, subtitles, and spoken commentary.

Anyone Can Make a Good Video

We created a camera helmet that allows any user to record a high-quality video from the perspective of the worker. The recording is made by a single person, who controls the helmet through a phone strapped to their arm. Alternatively, you can give the helmet to a colleague and use a phone/tablet to shoot the footage you need remotely, from their point of view. And of course, you can record videos directly through another device, such as your phone. We will assist you with acquiring any of the necessary equipment.

Kvalitní video zvládne každý
Bezkonkurenční dostupnost znalostí

Unparalleled Access to Knowledge

Every workplace has its own assigned video tutorials, each divided into individual work steps. Finding the necessary information is thus a matter of a few seconds. Individual tutorials and lists of tutorials for each workplace have an assigned QR code and URL, so you can interlink them with production commands or integrate them with the production system. SimpleJohn APP is a web application. Tutorials can be played in a browser on any end device.

Change and Version Control

Integrating changes in the production process into tutorials is very easy. Simply replace the clips you need to update, edit the audio and subtitles and publish the new version. Only the latest approved version will be automatically shown on all workplaces. Older versions are archived and can be viewed if needed.

Řízení změn a verzí
Bezpečnost dat a kvalitní podpora

Data Security and High-Quality Support

The application runs on your servers, which also store all the data (though we do also offer a cloud version). You can thus have everything under your control. We’ll make sure the application runs smoothly and provide support for your key users remotely. Piece of cake.

Every tutorial is managed exclusively by its author.

Tutorial Language Versions

Do you have colleagues from Bulgaria, Poland, Ukraine, Vietnam, or Mongolia that don’t speak your language? Simply export your subtitles, have them translated, upload them back in and every user can pick their language version.

Jazykové mutace instrukcí
Uchování znalostí expertů

Preserving the Knowledge of Experts

High worker fluctuation and retirement of experienced workers can deprive you of a great deal of valuable knowledge you’d like to retain and pass on to new recruits. Motivate your colleagues to preserve their knowledge using our application. Knowing that they will never have to repeat the same things over and over to less experienced colleagues may serve as a good incentive.


Are you worried your network might not have sufficient capacity for playing videos? The videos are compressed and if that isn’t enough, we can set offline synchronization on end devices.

The app is built with automatic data exchange in mind. Your lists of tutorials, workplaces and users are automatically imported from your company systems. Similarly, we automatically export the URLs for tutorials and workplaces back to you.

We support Microsoft SQL and MariaDB databases.