Learning platform

The selection of an appropriate software platform is an important prerequisite for the positive reception of the educational program by your staff. SimpleJohn offers a proven platform that is a LMS (Learning Management System) software tested and used by more than 400,000 users at 250 companies.

Intuitive interface and functionality

The learning platform is intuitive and uses a modern design, which is also adapted for mobile devices. User types and privileges may be managed so that workers are restricted to using only the necessary features related to their job. The management and creation of the courses is also simple. The platform supports SCORM and tincan formats, as well as PDF files, video, audio, images and materials from YouTube, Wikipedia, Vimeo, Prez and other sources. In case of unstable connection to the Internet, the trainings can be downloaded for offline viewing. The results of the workers are automatically updated when the system reconnects online.

Construction builder worker at site

Two architects or structural engineers


According to your wishes we customize the design of the platform, perform an initial setup or extend the platform with other available features. Customer support is included as a service during the use of the platform together with the initial training of your employees to use the system. In cooperation with the management SimpleJohn helps to create and plan the entire educational process: to set the rules of the educational process, define the time frame of individual trainings, define the form of evaluation, set the conditions for successful completion of the training, suggest how to link the education plan with the bonus system, etc.

Evaluation of the educational program

Within the initial training SimpleJohn will help the top management of the company identify targets and plan the entire training program. Afterwards, the filter function on the platform lets you see the results and information about the activity of individual branches or employees. This way you can verify whether an educational program correctly reflects the priorities of your company.

Factory Engineer Operating Hydraulic Tube Bender

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