Beinbauer Automotive

The German company Beinbauer Automotive is a traditional manufacturer of components for personal and commercial vehicles, which supplies to companies such as BMW, MAN and Siemens. More than 280 employees have already trained in five topics of everyday activities, such as the use of measuring instruments, measuring surface roughness and health & safety.

Because of their popularity among workers and their natural facilitation of the learning process, in our e-learning lectures for Beinbauer Automotive we often used instructional vidoes and gamification elements. Especially the integration of gamification, a technique that uses a game method in a non-game, was very welcome among the users since it makes education much more interesting and memorable.

  • Number of trained employees: 280
  • Cooperation since: January 2015
  • E-learning lectures


After we introduced the e-learning, we have observed very positive changes. We have introduced e-learning 3 months ago and today the staff is not coming to me to ask questions anymore. This shows that the lectures teach them everything they need to do their jobs. It saved me a lot of time.Thomas Haidn, Quality control