Českomoravská stavební spořitelna

We have started our cooperation with one of the largest building societies in the Czech Republic by creating a pilot e-learning course on the topic of prescoring. This course was designed to teach the sales representatives of the organisation and explained the entire process of prescoring, from completing the necessary forms to sending them to the headquarters. It also contained a short software simulation.

Since the first project we have covered several topics for the customer including software simulations and a course on how to recruit new sales representatives. We have also delivered several videos promoting the company’s own trainings. We have based the design of the courses on the client’s corporate color.

  • Number of trained employees: 2000
  • Cooperation since: September 2015
  • E-learning lectures, Videos


“ČMSS is very satisfied with the cooperation with the company SimpleJohn. They are a young team of enthusiastic and positive-minded people who are professionals in their field. We have experience working with them on several projects. They were always very quick in getting to understand a completely new topic to them and were able to create a comprehensive e-learning course on the topics within a few weeks. They always managed to deliver the desired work on schedule and in very high quality. During our meetings the always came up with new ideas and brought in a lot of creativity which displayed in the final result. Representing our department of personal training in ČMSS, we can only recommend them!”Gabriela Jedličková, Personal training