Instructional videos

SimpleJohn for Continental

SimpleJohn for Continental

Instructional videos supplied by SimpleJohn are used regularly in our company to train new employees. We are extremely happy with the videos since they introduce important rules for movement in our production areas in a simple, digestible form. Cooperation with Mr. Komrska was excellent and the result exceeded our expectations.

SimpleJohn for Kermi
SimpleJohn for Automotive Lighting

SimpleJohn for Automotive Lighting

"We use instructional videos primarily for training new employees. This has greatly improved the effectiveness of our training and increased the degree to which our employees are engaged in the training process. Cooperation with SimpleJohn was highly professional throughout the entire process and we are very satisfied with the result."
Vlastimil Strnad, QM – Quality manager Pávov

SimpleJohn for MD Elektronik

SimpleJohn for MD Elektronik

"We introduced videos to increase the independence of our tool setting staff. The aim of this project was to alleviate our daily problems with incorrectly set machinery and the subsequent hours spent on repairs. Thanks to these instructional videos, the tool setting staff will be able to find the core of these problem themselves and reach a successful solution. We will not need to spend as much time training new employees, since all we will need to do is explain how the individual parts of the machine work. The videos will then show them how to set what and how to resolve various issues."
Václav Moravec, Service technician

Get Inspired

Get Inspired

Clear and concise video tutorials
Engaging introductory video training for new employees
OHS videos with a story

SimpleJohn for HOBRA-Školník

SimpleJohn for HOBRA-Školník

"To maintain a high standard in our production process and our products, and keep pace with increasing production volume, we put great emphasis on the qualifications of our operators. E-learning helps us ensure that our operators keep standard operating procedures fresh in their minds and reduces their error rate. Due to more frequent fluctuations of employees at worker posts, we needed an effective tool for their initial training for both specific operating procedures and general principles (e.g. keeping a record of production procedures, 5S, occupational health and safety, etc.). E-learning is an ideal solution for this due to its illustrations, simplicity and self-service nature."
Ing. Jiří Křišťál, Ph.D., Production


Time savings of up to 90% compared to classic training methods


Maximum illustrations and comprehensibility for everyone


Modern format for passing on information


Important information constantly at hand

Did you know?

We conducted a survey in 2017 among top managers of more than 50 production companies.

All of these companies are currently using group training and printed instructional manuals but are planning a major change.

55% of companies want to introduce new methods into their production, such as instructional videos or e-learning. Two-thirds of them want to do so within the next 1-2 years.

Our process

  • 1Video Concepts
  • Do you need a video tutorial for setting a machine or an engaging video for OHS? Each type of video has a different goal and requires a different approach.

  • 2Script and Texts
  • We will prepare a script and compile texts for spoken commentary based on available materials and a tour of your facility.

  • 3Professional Equipment
  • We use a cutting-edge SONY camera to record videos and can capture even the most minor details with our variety of lenses.

  • 4Recording
  • We can record enough material to create a 8-15 minute video within a single day. It may not seem like much, but this 15-minute video can easily replace an hour-long group training session.

  • 5Post-production
  • We give the shots a story, add spoken narration, graphical elements, and music or recordings of how to control a process via IT.

  • 6Voice-over and Music
  • We usually record spoken commentary internally with our own speakers, which provides us great flexibility in delivery and/or correction times.

  • 7Language Versions
  • We can provide a video in any language combination - including text translations and voice-overs by native speakers.

  • 82 Rounds of Feedback
  • We have a complex system of internal feedback. The first version of the video you will see will be approximately 90% completed, so that you will only have to polish up the details.