E-learning on the shop-floor


Online training is a good method to complement traditional methods of education. The use of e-learning in production offers several benefits, including:


Direct impact of training on business performance

If the right training topics are defined, e-learning becomes a high-quality educational tool. It helps to achieve flawless implementation of all processes and thus improves product quality and customer satisfaction.


Time flexibility and saving

Each employee has their own login and carries out the training, when he or she finds free time at work or at home. In the event of machine failure or when waiting for material, the worker gets educated and it does not cost the company any of the employee’s time. Additionally, digitization of education saves time of your specialists, because everything that would have to be repeatedly explained to workers becomes automated by e-learning.


Increased skills and knowledge

Regular training via e-learning encourages workers to maintain a basic working knowledge for easy recollection during particular situations in their daily routines. These simple exercises increase their skills. All employees coincidentally receive the same information regardless of their superior, and thus all the knowledge in the company becomes standardized.

SimpleJohn offers both the creation of online tailor-made lectures, and a learning platform from which the entire program runs.


Many manufacturing companies might hesitate with the introduction of e-learning. However, different obstacles can be easily overcome:


Outsourcing is the effective solution

In case you do not have staff responsible for education or the creation of e-learning courses, outsourcing is the most efficient solution. For the customer, it is best to hire a contractor to take over the whole endevour of developing software and creating specialized courses.


Close cooperation with customers

A certain level of engagement is necessary even in case of outsourcing. To create e-learning lectures that will positively affect the performance of employees, close cooperation between the supplier and the customers’ experts is required. This allows for the perfect combination of the customer’s specialization and the supplier’s know-how in the area of online training and education.


External financing of the project

The purchase of educational infrastructure and the creation of an educational program can be co-financed from EU funds or other grant programs.

SimpleJohn will help you overcome any training obstacles and take over the whole project. We will prepare online tailor-made lectures for you and provide the administration and management of the whole educational program on one platform.


At first glance, it may seem difficult to find a suitable space for completing the trainings, so we personally recommend you to consider adopting any of the following four solutions:


Multifunctional cabin

This is a soundproof glass booth placed directly in production. Computer desks and bulletin boards may be placed inside, and the space could be transformed to accommodate trainings as well as meetings.


Adapting existing machines

It is also possible to carry out training by adapting a pre-existing computer machine with network connectivity for the use of e-learning software. Every worker can therefore have a location on site to be able to complete their training directly in their work space.


A small computer lab

It is worth considering setting up a small computer lab. One computer is sufficient for 25 workers per shift.


Tablets in the production hall

In case you do not have enough space, it is possible to install tablet kiosks directly in your production hall.

SimpleJohn offers to build your learning infrastructure right in your production hall.