Digital training in production

Digital training in production

Innovative tools for the training of workers in production, which will help them avoid errors and improve product quality.

Our goals

Error rate reduction

Maintenance of firm expertise

Time-effcient for specialists

Visualization of information

Time flexibility

Imagine how it could work for your company!

Did you notice that your employees lack
the competence to perform their job without any errors?
We visualize production processes using instructional videos as a part of an interactive
e-learning course.
We are not specialists in the production sector and can, therefore, communicate to employees in a simple way that is easily understandable. We are able to cover any topic.
We ensure that your employees acquire new
knowledge effectively through our online test system.
Training is accessible on an online training
platform, on which trainings can be planned and employee’s results can be monitored.
Assuring that your employees do not waste
time, we install a training terminal right in the production hall.
Two months after our first appointment, your
employees can start to train themselves independently whenever they find appropriate.

Our clients