HOBRA – Školník

HOBRA – Školník is a manufacturer of filtersheets and high-quality insulation materials and has been our customer since the beginning. To manage the education of their workers they use our LMS software customised to their specific needs. Up to date we have already created around 10 e-learning courses on topics such proper procedure of product creation, health & safety, specialized software simulation or 5S implementation in the company.

Thanks to the variety of the topics we have had a chance to use a wide range of interactive methods of education. We used voiceovers, instructional videos, storytelling, gamification, etc. all of which facilitate an easy learning process for the learner – manual worker.

  • Number of trained employees: 40
  • Cooperation since: April 2015
  • E-learning lectures, Learning platform, Administration


“To maintain the high quality of the production processes and products with the growing volume of production we place great emphasis on the qualification of our operators. E-learning helps us maintain standardised operating procedures in their living memory and thereby reduce their error rate. Given the frequent staff turnover in the blue-collar positions we needed an efficient tool for their training in specific workflows and general principles (eg. administration of manufacturing operations, 5S, health & safety, etc.). E-learning is an ideal solution thanks to its clarity, simplicity and self-service.”Ing. Jiří Křišťál, Ph.D., Production Manager